A Word About Fees

Office fees depend on the severity and complexity of the patient’s condition. It will dictate the amount of time Dr. Wolff needs to spend with you in examination, therapy and treatment. X-rays, if needed, are charged separately. The first visit typically includes examination, treatment and needed therapy. We do our very best to never turn anyone away that is truly in need. Please do not hesitate to call us and discuss your situation with our office personnel.

Do You Take My Insurance?

Dr. Wolff is a preferred provider for just about every plan: Unions, some HMO’s, PPO’s, Medicare, and most private plans included. Simply contact your insurance company’s Customer Care Center and check your benefits for chiropractic, Or, when calling for your appointment let us know about your plan and we’ll check for you. The office is set up to process your insurance claim quickly and we are happy to process your claim for you.

Does Medicare Pay for Chiropractic?

Yes! Medicare pays for up to 12 treatments a year. They pay for adjustment of the spine only, and will not pay for therapy, office visits, or X-rays taken at the chiropractor’s office.

Dr. Wolff is a Medicare Provider and accepts assignment. This means that the patient is responsible only for their regular, yearly deductible and Medicare-Approved co-pay. Co-pays are about $6.00 for the adjustment. Medicare does require that X-rays of the spine be taken yearly, and we always try to get them taken at a Medicare-Approved facility to minimize out of pocket expense. Sometimes Dr. Wolff may suggest therapy or other treatment that¹s not covered by Medicare, but rest assured that no patient will be charged for something that they are not aware of or did not approve of! The office also submits billing to Medicare and Secondary insurance carriers for your convenience.

Personal Injury

Accidents are no fun. With over a decade of hands-on help to injured patients, Dr. Wolff works hard to get you better as fast as possible. And Dr. Wolff has extensive experience communicating your situation to attorneys and insurance companies.

When your injury does not require an attorney’s help, Dr. Wolff will be able to help you even when you don’t want an attorney involved. You can have the other party’s insurance pay for your treatment so that you suffer no out of pocket expense. Sometimes, we may need to bill your auto or health insurance before the other side will cough up payment. But don’t panic! Your insurance rates WILL NOT GO UP!

Getting stomped on the football field injures you the same as a car crash. Dr. Wolff treats you as if you need to get back out onto the field fast. He knows that you live your life out there, not in his office.

What About Workers Compensation?

California Law gives injured workers the right to see a chiropractor. The Employer can direct the worker’s care for 30 days. After that, a worker may change “Treating Physicians” and Dr. Wolff has helped hundreds and hundreds of workers with simple to complex injuries. Many times, an employer is willing to get the insurance company to OK chiropractic treatment right away. The employer wants a healthy worker on the job, not someone who’s on pain pills and driving around town! As always, if you have any questions, call the office and we’ll answer any questions that you might have.